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Paulette K. Broach

Paulette K. Broach is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and change-maker who has carved a remarkable path for herself in both the Non-Profit & business world. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Beginning Enterprises Int'l, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication to creating positive transformations in both her organization and the global community. Paulette's journey is a testament to her resilience, innovation, and commitment to fostering meaningful change.


A dedicated and visionary leader, Paulette Broach has been a driving force in the community development and empowerment space for over two decades. With an unwavering commitment to creating positive change and improving underserved communities, Paulette serves as Executive Director of B E Community Development, where her passion and experience converge to achieve lasting transformation.

Paulette K Broach continued

Recognized for her vision of the future, Paulette has a remarkable ability to mobilize resources and forge partnerships that translate her visions into tangible realities. She strongly subscribes to the belief that vibrant and prosperous communities are forged through collaboration, empowerment and sustainable development. Her tireless efforts have significantly improved the quality of life for countless individuals and families. A natural leader, Paulette leads by example and consistently displays qualities of integrity, empathy, and a deep sense of purpose in all of her endeavors. Her ability to connect with diverse stakeholders, inspire teams, and foster a culture of innovation has been instrumental in her many successes.


Executive Director

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B. E. Community Development

Executive Director

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New Beginning Enterprises Int'l
Maxwell Leadership
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Speaker, Teacher, Trainer

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