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W. O. W.

W.O.W. is not just a ministry; it is a dynamic MOVEMENT.
Women of Weight is a transformative movement dedicated to empowering women by fostering a sense of balance, self-awareness, and appreciation for their pivotal role in contributing to the restoration of a harmonious society.
This movement transcends professional boundaries, welcoming women
from diverse backgrounds, whether they are entrepreneurs, business
executives and ministry leaders, offering encouragement,

mentorship and support.
We cultivate an environment where women can develop and grow in the discernment that will be required to navigate the complexities of contemporary times and seasons with wisdom.
As a Woman of Weight get ready to shape the cultural landscape and
contribute to the restoration of a sturdy foundation upon which future
generations can confidently build without the fear of instability.
Thank you for accepting the call to BE an integral part of a transformative
movement that is resolutely realigning the very foundations of our world.


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