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As the saying wisely goes, “We all need guidance on our path to intentional growth, and the right mentor is the key to making substantial progress.

In my role as a Dominion Master and Mentor, I have dedicated myself to applying, acquiring, mastering, and reaping profound benefits from universal laws and principles and even closely guarded secrets. This knowledge has empowered me to lead a life characterized by unbridled freedom in all aspects.

Driven by the grace of the Divine and the discipline of a purpose-driven life, my heart's deepest desire is to witness others experience life in a state of profound serenity, relentless progress, and lasting prosperity.

Therefore, I have forged a transformative platform, meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive toolset, foster an enabling environment, cultivate a success-oriented mindset, and provide mentorship that empowers individuals to achieve mastery in the realm of life Dominion.

Our platform, Ambassador Distinguished Mentoring (ADM), features multiple levels that have been rigorously tested and empirically validated, consistently generating extraordinary results.


John C. Maxwell aptly summarized the profound value of mentoring: “One of the greatest values ​​of mentors is the ability to see what others cannot see and help them navigate a course toward their destiny.”

Let us embark together on this journey towards a life lived at the Mastery level, where your potential knows no limits.

Paulette K. Broach

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