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Lack of Focus kills your motivation!

It’s very important to understand if you are trying to achieve anything with your life, that you have it you know. You really do. I know this sounds like a pep talk, but it isn’t. It’s just a statement of fact. All of us are capable of achieving something called “a state of flow.”

You may not label it as such, but you have achieved at least at some point in your life, a mental and emotional state where things come easily. I’m not talking about you just sitting back and thinking that you have an easy life and that you have figured everything out. No, I am not talking about that. This is not something that just happens in your head. This is actually real. How come?

Well, it actually impacts your behavior. When you achieve a state of flow, you work in such a way that things become quick, easy and effortless. Things just fall into place and it seems like regardless of what you do, when you make a move, things happen. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to do this with almost everything in your life?

Well, I can tell you that habitually successful people trigger a state of flow in almost everything they do. That is why they are able to achieve what they are able to do. For the rest of humanity, people have to struggle with the proper motivations to get that state of flow. In fact, a lot of people are really clueless about this mental and emotional state.

This really is too bad because we all have it in us and the only way to trigger this state is motivation. Motivation enables you to keep doing despite the fact that there are people around you telling you that it cannot be done. Motivation is what you need to keep pushing when it seems that the only thing you are able to achieve is failure, disappointment and heartbreak.

Motivation is crucial to achieving that state of flow. Once you get there, you can trigger a state of momentum where you are able to maintain that state for an extended period time. However, you have to get there first and this means motivation.

The problem is, most people allow the small stuff of life, like deadlines, lots of duties, responsibilities and obligations that seem to pop out of nowhere, to kill their focus. If you don’t have focus, it kills your motivation because you’re basically just scatterbrained. You’re basically trying to put Band-Aids on everything trying to prevent some sort of crisis.

That is what you’re doing. You’re not looking at the big things in life. You’re not allowing yourself to be driven forward by your focus in life. You’re not doing any of that. Instead, you’re just trying to focus on the small things. You’re too obsessed about the things right in front of your nose that you lose focus.

You put in all this time, effort and energy only to have very little to show it. You’re basically just living on a day to day basis. If you’re sick and tired of this, click here to figure out how to achieve unstoppable motivation.

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